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Workplace coaching from We Achieve, with Su Askew, focuses on helping people be their best in the workplace and enjoy their work as much as possible.

With 15 years of management experience in sales and 5 years in culture transformation, Su blends that experience with transformational coaching techniques to help clients get the clarity they need.

Our coaching style is a mix of intuitive coaching, goal-based and impact coaching.  By drawing on what is needed for each individual, we work with you to realise your unique goals

Sample topics from our clients:

  • Setting goals
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Improving communication and response to interaction
  • Planning next career moves
  • Work life balance
  • Increasing business impact (with the GC Index find out more @ www.theGCindex.com)

What is important to you in your work?  How do you enhance your sense of purpose?  Improve your productivity? Drive your career growth?

What should you be doing next?  How do you handle current work situations?

There are so many questions, decisions, and unknowns in our work life; it can be confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes frustrating.

Draw on Su’s 20 years of professional experience in the corporate world, alongside transformational coaching practices approved by the ICF, to focus on the next step for you.

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 What our clients say:

“I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Su – she helped clarify what’s important to me in a year where my plans have all completely changed.” Holly R

“Su really helped me focus and set goals. She really listened to me and often helped me feel more confident and generally better about myself! I believe I was more motivated after I saw her, and really looked forward to each session.” Hannah S


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