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High Performing Work Places

For visionary leaders who believe that the workplace can be better, HPWP provides extraordinary leadership competency that ensures a completely engaged workforce to maximize performance. We make people’s lives better by creating an unbelievable place to work where everyone wins.

Value Selling Associates


The ValueSelling Framework®, an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, repeatable methodology, is practiced by sales teams across the globe. It is effective in any type of complex B2B selling situation, from direct to channel, inside and strategic account sales. This helps the sales team work smarter by first considering what their solution brings to a prospect that the prospect can’t do for themselves and that your competitors can’t do, and then create questions to uncover problems that their solution can best resolve. This is embedded in companies through a blended learning approach from e-learning to practical, applicable workshops and coaching.

The GC Index

For the first time ever, organisations have a common language to understand the impact of ALL their people and so can organise them more effectively to...increase productivity, gain competitive advantage, and drive transformational change with the Game Changer Index.

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